What’s The Spoon?


The Spoon is a new daily email, sent to your inbox before you wake up, bringing you fresh, insightful, smart news before you can say “Oh my God what has he done now?”.


Sounds good… How do I sign up?


Maybe a lovely friend has sent you an invitation – in which case, don’t be scared, just follow the link in the email. Or, sign up via the links on this site.


How do I invite my friends?


You can be the one to spread the love – and we will reward your enthusiasm with some free stuff. Just click the links in the daily Spoon emails to invite friends by email. 


Are you party political?


Absolutely not. The Spoon is impartial and independent, and we don’t have any political agenda. It’s our job to inform you but not to tell you what to think. We are very judgmental about your choice in TV shows, however


I’ve signed up but I’m not getting The Spoon


We understand that this must be seriously heart-breaking for you. Check your spam folder and add our email address mail@thespoon.uk to your safe senders or contacts list


I’m getting two copies of The Spoon


Lucky you! If you do want to receive only the one copy, then check if you are signed up under a couple of different email addresses


How do I unsubscribe?


Ouch. We’re sorry you feel that way, and we promise we won’t bother you again. Unsubscribe via the links at the bottom of the daily email.


I have another question


We can answer all your questions about the Spoon – and if it’s a quiet day, we’ll have a go at dealing with your queries about the meaning of life, too. Email us: mail@thespoon.uk


Do you come here often?


Why, yes, we do. If you want to find out more about the team, click “About” above.


What are Silver Spooners?


Silver Spooners are people who love the Spoon and want to spread the word about it. We grow through word of mouth and so it’s a big deal for us that some of our readers want to be more involved. Big love.


As a Silver Spooner, you can help tell other people about the Spoon, and you act as our ambassadors. You can also be the first to try out new features – and you even get to join us when we all meet up for our Spoon social drinks. And, yeh, we give you some free stuff for your trouble

Who should I share The Spoon with?


Well, anyone you love! Keep us secret from your enemies, that’s for sure.


The best way is to email or whatsapp the sign-up details to your friends and colleagues. It’s worth telling them what you love about us when you get in touch
Social media is also a great way of getting the message out. There are lots of icons in The Spoon that allow you to share us with your friends (and random followers) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share away like nobody’s watching!