There are more places to get your news than ever before. But as journalists we have often found ourselves updating our non-journalist friends on the news, either whatsapping them just before a job interview (quick, I have 5 minutes, what are the 3 stories I need to know about today?), or giving them the lowdown in 3 minutes (they’re easily bored) at a party.

We wondered why this was. 

We think it could be because the rise of fake news makes people uncertain whether what they read is true. Or it could be because politics has got more polarised, and has taken a lot of newspapers and broadcasters with it. Or it could be that often reading the news is kind of dull, and take a while to wade through (did I miss a piece of the puzzle that happened last week? Why is this news?).

So we decided to sift through all the noise, for the people who don’t have time for it, and instead serve you the news in quick, delicious portions.

We present: The Spoon: a weekday morning email, delivered to your email at 6am. All the important stuff your boss, your annoying friend who somehow has time to read all the papers, and your strangely on-it younger sister might try to talk to you about. And a couple of other things happening today you were too busy to find out  –  like when Homeland’s back on tv, or when tickets for Hamilton are going on sale.

We are Jane, Martha, Bobby and Dominic. Jane Merrick is a former Political Editor of the Independent on Sunday; Bobby Friedman is an ex-BBC presenter and the author of two political books; Martha Gill is a former Economist reporter and freelance political journalist; and Dominic O’Neill is a serial tech entrepreneur and marketing guru. 

The Spoon is free for everyone. Just sign up!